Music in Literature

Since 2007, the Music in Literature program for grades K-5 has provided a wonderful opportunity to expose elementary-age children to the power of music through literature. Through the MIL program, professional musicians visit area elementary schools, libraries, and summer camps to present a musically-themed book and give an instrument demonstration. Books included in the program explore such subjects as cultural music, the life of a composer or musician, diversity, or the joys of composing while offering themes such as overcoming odds, friendship, ethnicity, values, and hard work.

The MIL program pairs elementary schools and professional musicians in an interactive relationship, but its benefits do not end when the musician leaves the classroom. Teachers are provided with TEKS approved curriculum that allows them to creatively incorporate components of the arts with the core subject areas of math, English/language arts, science, and social studies. Check out the video below to see what the MIL experience is all about!


Bring Music in Literature to my school!

The Symphony works with many local musicians in our educational and outreach programs. If you are interested in joining our team of Music in Literature presenters, please read this and email us for more information.