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Side by Side with the San Angelo Symphony Strings
~ A Community Affair ~
Saturday, November 4, 2017
The Murphey Performance Hall, 7:00 pm

Guest Conductor, Mr. David Phillips

Featuring Chuong Vu, violin
Michael Schneider, piano
John Irish, trumpet
Select members of the Central High School Orchestra

“Diamond” Music                                                                   Jenkins
Concerto for violin and orchestra in E Major                 Bach
Chuong Vu, violin
Concerto No.1, Op. 35 for piano and orchestra              Shostakovich
Michael Schneider, piano
John Irish, trumpet
Eine Kleine Nachmusik (Little Night Music)                   Mozart

A magnificent evening featuring the treasures of San Angelo: the San Angelo Symphony Strings, brilliant pianist and local favorite Michael Schneider, longtime Symphony orchestra musician John Irish, and the talented Central High School Strings players – all under the direction of the beloved David Phillips. This creative side by side performance is a true showcase of our community’s finest coming together to create a magical evening of music.