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Education and Outreach
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The San Angelo Symphony Education Department seeks:

to encourage the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of music while promoting active participation through education of all adults, children and students in West Texas.


The San Angelo Symphony Education Department is purposed to:

  • provide age-appropriate and exciting Youth Concerts

  • send professional musicians to provide stimulating performances through the use of music and literature in area schools for kindergarten through fifth grade students in classroom settings

  • provide area teachers with “traveling trunks" filled with tactile music items meant to spark imaginations and provide hands-on experience for elementary age students

  • provide educational lessons that incorporate school curriculum with musical concepts to third, fourth and fifth grade students

  • provide professional musicians to provide stimulating musical performance to residents and visiting individuals in local and area care facilities, senior centers and hospitals
  • collaborate with other community arts organizations to perform and educate the community
  • expand the breadth and reach of SASS programs
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